NHSE Decide to Move South Thames Children’s Oncology Services to the Evelina Hospital

On the 14th March members of NHS England, NHS London and NHS South East took the decision to relocate children’s oncology services from the Royal Marsden Hospital to the Evelina Children’s Hospital (part of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Trust).  The service will not move before 2026.  The decision has been criticised by patients, parents, MPs across the political divide and Lords.  It is hoped that the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will review and ultimately reverse the decision.

Our primary concern is that the research relationship between the ICR’s paediatric teams and those of the Royal Marsden will be broken resulting in less research into children’s cancers.  NHS England have the view that the Evelina has a strong research capability despite no track record in paediatric oncology research and it’s academic partner – Kings College London, has no paediatric oncology programmes.

We will support all efforts to provide the Secretary of State with the information needed to overturn this decision and go forward with a workable solution that is in the best interests of today’s children and those who will be diagnosed with cancer in the future.