Privacy Policy

We at Christopher’s Smile treat your privacy very seriously.  That is why one of our fundamental principles when starting our charity was that we would not share our supporter’s data with anyone.  Therefore we can make the statement that we have never shared our supporter’s data with anyone and we never will.

As a responsible charity we like to inform our donors how our funds are spent and give information as to the progress of research projects.  This is communicated by email and social media.  Also from time to time we will send emails out to ask for volunteers or information about a forthcoming event.  We have only added people to our email list who have given their previous consent or have either donated or volunteered at some point in the past.  If anyone decides that they no longer wish to be on our email list then a simple email to asking for their name to be removed from our list will be actioned as soon as possible – normally within 24 hours.

As a responsible charity we welcome any questions you may have regarding our use of your data.  You can contact us using the email address above or even contact us using social media.  We will endeavour to answer your question by the end of the next working day.